Garden Follies creates garden designs using digital photographs to produce realistic visual images of your property.

We develop new gardens or restore older established borders.

We tidy your property for resale.

We pot your planters for all seasons.

The Kits

Garden Follies makes and sells obelisk kits. Garden obelisks are free-standing trellises which provide plant support, and attractive focal points in the garden.

Our kits are made of 2 X 2 inch eastern cedar, which  lasts for years. They can be stained, or if left natural, weather to a silvery grey. All wood is pre-cut with countersunk screw holes. All hardware is included with comprehensive diagrams and assembly instructions.

To contact Garden Follies:
Karen Timm at (613) 587-4401
or Gail Marion at (613) 587-4826.
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